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i think this is nor fair. any dog has the ability to turn on someone. i had a small 5 pound dog who one day turned. if an animal is raised properly and given love and attention they will be fine. maybe rather than banning the dog, ban the owner.


Pit bulls are very dangerous animals and should absolutely be banned from city limits.


Pitt Bulls and other so called are only dangerous because of bad owners. I think that the owners that cannot control or train their dogs should be banned. And if Sulphur bans these dogs just because of the breed, I will never step foot in Sulphur again.


Over a span of many years, our family has owned a total of three "Pit Bulls" (plus various other breeds). The Pits have been by far the most gentle, laid back, protective, and loving of all. It's not about the breed, it's about the owner. This particular breed must be socialized and behavior must be addressed with praise (treats) NEVER hitting the animinal.


Pit Bulls can also be very loving pets. Any type of dog has the capability to attack. Which breed will be banned next? It is the dog owners who should be held responsible for their pets. Pets are like children; what they are taught is what they know. Don't punish the pet owners who love their pit bulls and raise them to return that love.

Maressa Boyd

I own 2 pitt bulles and when other dogs and people are around even people they do not know they are gentle enough for you to walk up to and handle. I have watched them play with a 2 year old and not show any harm. Banning all pitt bulls from city limits would be out of line and unfare to owner of the gintle pitt in the sorrounding area! Every animal will react to the enviroment in witch it is raised!!

Arthur Cormier

I own a pitbull my self and live in westlake and banning the pitbull is wrong my son was attacked before hurricane rita by a black lab it isn't the dogs fault the owner should have checked into the history of the dogs family before owning it. and the lab that attaced my my son had attacked before and nothing was done about it you cant kill an animal for hurting your kids you will go to jail if you do. so what should we do cause animal control will not do anything so the owners should be at fault and animal control for not helping the people of attacks.

Eric LeGros

Pitt Bulls are indeed dangerous animals, and they should be banned in Lake Charles, Iowa, Westlake, DeQuincy, and the other cities in your viewing area. PLEASE do not let this issue die due to lack of media interest.

Remember that little boy's face.

Please take a DVD player around to city council members and police jurors and show them the graphic damage done to that 10 year old baby's face by his family (or was it his neighbor's?) dog. Record their reactions and get them to state their opposition to having these dangerous animals in their cities' jurisdiction, or have them explain why they think these dogs should be allowed.

Thank you in advance for keeping this issue alive. Let's make our neighborhoods and cities safer.

Eric LeGros
Lake Charles


I think that Pit Bulls SHOULD be banned from Sulphur city limits !!!!!!!!!

wendy reed

what rights do we have as pet owners? if i choose to own a pitt bull who is contained in a caged -in area part of the day and in my home the rest of the day,are you going totake that freedom of choice from me?if a white man kills more than one person, will you say no more white men can live in sulphur.0ne dog ,a pitt bull, attacks so no more pitt bulls in sulphur? the dogs should be judged justfully.my vet and trainer will stand up for my pet. i refuse to give her up. she has been raised responsibly by her owner! by a 51 yr. old maplewood grandmother

Charles Murphy

The dog should not be held responsible for what the owner raise's him to do. Any dog owner knows their
pet and what they are raised to do.Sadly PITT BULLS are used to fight and are only doing what they are taught to do. So I think if you want to ban something, you should ban the people raising vitious animals. P.S. I have two wonderful pitt bulls and four daughters that would do anything for each other.


I don't like cats. So when your done with the pitt bulls in Sulphur can we ban the CATS in LakeCharles.

jane doe

I think that the idea of bandind pitt bulls is very judgemental. You all are going to tell me that when one dog actes out in a way that we all know is bad, that we have to band all. how can you justify by singaling out one breed of dogs. there are petafiles to this day that are still riding the streets of sulphur that have not been convicted. witch one do u think is more important. banding pitt bulls or convicting people of there actions


gentle or not they should be banded everywhere it is not how they are raised it is in there bloodline it does not matter how the owner raised them I know of two pittbulls that were raised very well they were like big teddybears and very loving, but they also badly hurt two children. one the owners child, and the other one was walking by and the dog broke it's chain and attacked the child. so how can you say it's how they were raised. yes I agree that any dog can turn. the power of the jaws on a pitbull make them very dangerous. they were bread for fighting and as attack dogs not as a pet.


Something that some of you need to remember:
Depending on the popularity of particular breeds, dog bites change from year to year. Pitt Bulls are popular now, it could be something else next year. In the past it was Rottweilers and Dobermins. They are not banned- and neither should Pitt Bulls.
Like many before me have stated- its about the environment they are in and how the owners raise them as to how they are towards others. A good website to learn more about Pitt Bulls is:
As for as the post by Eric LeGros- Believe me, this issue will not be put to rest, because there are many Canine/ Pitt Bull lovers out there and they will continiue to fight to keep our dogs here.


I wish something would be done about the pits because the people I have known to have pits are also the drug people of the neighbor hood.I wonder if anyone notice this to be true


It's not the breed of the dog, it's the owner of the dog. We hear about pitbulls attacking children, but where are the parents of these kids? I wouldn't leave my child unattended around ANY breed for that matter...on top of that, if your kid runs out in front of a bus because you are not paying attention, who is responsible? YOU ARE, so why wouldn't these parents be responsible for looking out for these children around an animal that the kid cannot control. Also, a lot of dogs are trained in the wrong manner; pitbulls are very hyper dogs when they are young, but with proper attention and training, they can become a loving member of any family.


I think that thay shold be becase thay are some bad dogs. But see thay wont to what till some one dies from it thene it will be to late

Susan Ward

Dogs are a direct reflection of how they are treated. Would you Like to be tethered to a chain or a tree? I have seen a Pit bull trapped in it's rope and it's paw was stuck, he could not move. If you have a pet you need to be a responsible Pet owner. Animals are here for our pleasure. If you don't want to interact with them, then Do Not get one. It's like a Child they need hUman Interaction, which requires more than feeding and watering.
As far as Rhonda, You still have not answered my e-mail about the Trails pool which is unprotected and a danger to all in our neighborhood, which is not the Trails!
Let's get with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


It is indeed the breed and not the deed contrary to the belief of a certain Sulphur woman I saw on your 10 O'clock newscast. The dog belonged to one of the boys family members that lived behind them if I am not mistaken and was also raised around the the young man. These dogs have been bred for on reason, to fight, hence the name PIT BULL. The next time an attack happens within the city limits it really opens the city up for civil penalties especially since there is clear evidence that the city as a whole doesn't want them there. Why are the council members so quick to rule after a meeting on such short notice Why not put it on the ballot and let the voters decide, after all isnt this how a democracy works.


It's a shame we are resorting to banning the pet and not the owner. After all, who is controlling who? If anything, we should be more selective of assigning an appropriate owner to these wonderful dogs - someone who is responsible, caring and loving - a person who can bring out the same characteristics that are in these animals. It seems to me we are not getting to the root of the problem - not surprising I guess, as it appears lack of foresight appears to be our society's greatest characteristic.Instead of having them banned maybe they should have to get a license to own one, because just maybe that would educate the bone-heads out there who want a dangerous dog and give them a second thought about the responsible owners that have to pay the price for the irresponsible owners bad decisions.


If you had asked me the same question 3 years ago, I would have probably agreed with a ban. That was until I met my granddogs. I have 2 Pitt Bulls that are now part of my household. I do know they can be aggressive and I also know they can be a passive as a bunny. Proper supervision by owners, enforcing leash laws, and never leaving children alone with any dog are three very important keys to protecting children and small pets. Dobermans, German Shepherds, Chow-Chow's, Rotweiller's, and other large breeds have all been given bad reputations. Banning is not the answer.


I began to cry when I heard what this young boy said after the dog attached him; he thought he was going to bleed to death.

A Chow-dog attacked my leg leaving a huge hole which took over a year, with the help of doctors and physical therapy, to heal. I still have nightmares about the attack.

I feel the owners of dogs that attack should be punished and fined heavily. I feel the owners’ photos should be posted on TV and the Internet, just like sex offenders. We should be able to protect our families against this type of harm.


Sarah Eastwood

Should Pitt Bulls be banned? Sure.. along with every other known breed across America. Rotweillers, German Shepards, Mastifs, Dalmations (yes, Dalmations DO have short tempers) NO dog can be predicted. Anyone one who's ever owned a pitt bull will tell you that they are some of the most loving gentle child friendly dogs you'll ever met. But some can be very aggressive. The dog only reflects it's owner. If a dog's ill treated or under fed, well DUH it's going to be an aggressive dog!

For petes sake, I had a beagle that was child agressive.. She was tormented by a four year old who would pull her tail and try to drag her by her ears. is that the dogs fault? should the dog have been put down because she didnt like small children?

I dont think a single one of you yammering about how nasty and terrible these dogs are have ever owned one. My dog is a Pitt/ Lab mix.. so.. because he's half pitt, will my dog be taken from my 2 year old son? Damn that nonsense. You'll have to take him from me, Then you'll see who's more agressive. Me or my dog!

I'm not trying to make light of that young man's situation. No child should ever have to go through a trauma like a dog attack. He'll probbably fear dogs the rest of his life. For that he has my most sinserest sympathies.

Sarah Eastwood
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Carolyn Hinson

What happens if you ban the pit bulls and still another person is attacked by another breed. I am not an expert, but it is reasonable to think ANY dog can turn at some point. The bad dogs should be delt with along with their owners. I do believe the owners should be held responsible for their pets no matter what kind of pet it is. The child and his family should be compensated. Make the owner of the dog pay all bills plus pain and suffering.

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