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I don't think it's right to say that students can not take cell phones to school. Our children are not safe these days and cell phones help us keep in touch with our children otherwise we would constantly worry. Why would they do this when children are kidnapped everyday? When we can't even trust our neighbors or even teachers. I know when I don't know where my child is and I can call his cell phone-I get instant relief. Also if you are less than a mile from school you can not catch the bus. I was told my 2nd grade daughter would have to walk to school or get dropped off. You would think they would change the rule that was probably made up in the 80's when it was safe. Thats a whole other topic. If my son has to turn his cell off all day until he leaves school so be it but he WILL have it with him for his own safety and for my sanity!


I don't think that the school board should ban student cell phones at school. Students and parents are very busy, especially compared to 10 or 20 years ago when most of our school board members were themselves students. Students are invloved in extra curricular activities that extend well into the evening hours and parents are working. Practice and meeting times are adjusted all the time. Isn't is a good thing for students to be able to call their parents and let them know when to pick the up or when they will be home from school? Cell phones are convenient, yes, but they are necessary in many cases. Instead of having to wait in long phone lines during the short lunch break, why is it such a terrible thing to let a student use their own cell phone? If some students talk on their phones during class or cheat through pictures or text messages, then there are a few other problems that need to be addressed at both the home and in the classroom.


I don't think they should band cell Phone from School. but they should band Students from bringing them to the class rooms.and if a students is caught with one in class that student should be banded from bringing it's cell phone to School for six weeks and if caught a second time it should be for the rest of the school year


I don't think they should band cell Phone from School. but they should band Students from bringing them to the class rooms.and if a students is caught with one in class that student should be banded from bringing it's cell phone to School for six weeks and if caught a second time it should be for the rest of the school year


As an educator, I feel that we face enough distractiions on any given day, without having to deal with cell phones ringing as well. I understand parents' concerns with safety, but as a parent, I choose for my child to not have a cell phone with her. I trust her teachers and faculty members to watch out for her during the school day. For the parent of the second grade student that was too close to the school to ride the bus, I understand your concerns and feel that exceptions could be made in those types of situations. But, for all students, I feel that once the students arrive on the campus, the phones should be put into the care of an adult during school hours and the students should not have access to them.


I agree with the educator. There is absolutely NO reason students should have their cell phones at school. I for one don't even understand why all of these young children have cell phones to begin with. You can't tell me that the school does not have telephones available for students' use in any cases of emergency, changes in practice time, etc.


Pam, This seems to be a rather important issue. It's been the sunrise hot topic twice. once in January with 49 posts and again just last week with 25 posts... Maybe the 7teen reporter needs to ask the teens about this issue


Pete, I think that would make a great story for the 7 teen reporters. When I say that I don't think that cell phones should be banned from schools, I don't mean that students should be able to talk during class or things like that. I absolutely agree that there should be rules and punishment for non-compliance. I also think that the teachers should have to turn their phones off during class.

I'll stay tuned to see if one of the teen reporters take this idea and run with it. Should be interesting!!!!

Pam Dixon

FYI. The Pam above is not Pam Dixon.

Karma Parbhu

I believe that this is obsurd! Our children should be allowd to use their cell phones!! If they didnt have their cell phones then they would go of and kiss boys! And they need to call their parents like my child Karma who calls me everytime she goes out for a movie or some icecream.


I don't think its fair to ban cellphones, I'm a grade 12 student at the local highschool and half the time when I'm walking around the school grounds I see teachers talking on cellphones, more so than the kids are. Also, there have been teachers at my school whos cellphones have rung in the middle of class, and they leave to take the call. I don't see how it is fair to ban cellphones from kids when the teachers are just as bad as the kids, if not worse.


Well as a student in the 11th grade, I feel that cell phones should not be banned from school. Many times when you do have a emergency and report to the office so that it could be taken care of by calling a parent, the receptionist act as if they don't want to do it. Many times in fact they want do it and what if you do not feel comfortable telling this person what needs to be said to their parents. I feel that as long as they are not interrupting the class that they should be ok because if you do ban cell phones we WILL find another way to do just what you are trying to stop us from doing and maybe on a far grander scale. What if something really bad does happen in one classroom, do you think think the person holding the gun will allow the teacher to call 911 from the school phone. There would be a better chance of you returning safely if you have a fun at your fingure tips to do so. I am really against this ban. If they want to do this then this should include teachers and the administration.


As a high school teacher, I support a ban on cell phones. Don't be naive parents (and yes, I am a parent of a teenage boy)! Students at my school have been caught making drug deals over the phone, during class. They have been caught cheating, showing each other inappropriate photos, and calling each other, just to make their friends phone ring in class and get them in trouble. They spread malicious stories and rumors about other students via text. They run gambling rings, yes, true! The argument that they need them for emergencies is valid, but most times parents don't stress that they should be used for emergency only. A emergency is a life-threatening situation. Most of the "emergencies" are actually not. I lived in a very tough neighborhood growing up, with bomb threats, shootings, and drug activity. I survived without a cell phone. TO say we live in a more dangerous time shows an ignorance of our history. The young adult posters to this message are not being honest with themselves or to other readers. You know exactly how phones are used at school. This may be an unpopular and uncomfortable statement, but the onus is on parents. You want us to TEACH your children right? Hard to do when we are POLICING them all the time. Take responsibility, and teach it to your children. Don't feel guilty because your child is the only one without a cell phone, or not allowed to bring it to school. They are manipulating you. I have several students who don't have cell phones, whose parents always know when they'll need a ride and where their children are, and they all graduated safely.


I think that the ban is fine to a limit. It should be the be up to the schoolboard. I am a parent and worry about my child, but I choose what school she attends, and where we live. Yes, it is an unsafe world we live in, but it has always been. I would not let my child attend a school where her only life line would be a cell phone. The limitation on the ban should be no phone in classrooms, only luch time and free time. If they are caught then it should be confiscated and returned to the parent. If it happened a second time confiscated and kept till the end of the year. If the parents or students wish to buy another phone then so be it. This may drive the students to a diffent way of communicating, and cheating, then teachers will have to deal with it. The type of phones available are great and varied. If the parents are truly concerned about safety and emergencies get safety phones....no camera, no text, only pre programed numbers, 911, and incoming calls. That is all they would need. They may not be coolist but they work. If anything comes out of this let it be at least put your phone on vib before you enter school. That way my daughter can learn. As far as teachers go using cell phones same policy applies. If it is an emergency the office will be able to notify you. We pay you to teach. You should be able to keep a safety phone in the classroom. Just in case of the hostage situations everyone seems to be scared of.


they can ban it, don't mean im going to obey it..
for example, if someone i know dies, and my mom is trying to get ahold of me.. 100% of the time she would call my cell
But now.. she will have to call the school, and hopefully they will answer if they are not busy or care to actually answer, and by luck she gets through she will have to hope that i get the message, because the ladies in my school hate their jobs and and i may not get the message! I question the intelligence of the school board members, and the superintendent.. unless i voted into ban cell phones i will keep wearing one, but on silent like i always have...


cell phone saves lives.I opposed the cell phone ban.We live in wicked society where safety is minimal, school shooting has been happening, kidnapping on the streets of new york, raping on our young boy and girls; it would be a crime to take that away from our children. taking away a cell phone from our children is like putting them on a jail cell without any food and water. Just think about it...


i think that all kids that have a cell can have it a school and may use it during lunch and talk on it to who they ever one because they are not in class and bothering any class so the kids should be able to use it during there lunch time to make any calls they want to anybody they want.


against the cell phone ban??? check out the site below.. Thanks Pete



I'm a student at a local Lake Charles high school, A. M. Barbe High. I believe the cellphone ban is just a pacifier for the power-hungry administrators who have nothing better to do than to take every aspect of our freedom away from us. I've seen every one of my teachers pick up a cell phone and talk for at least five or ten minutes at a time while in class, even though our principal, Charles Adkins, claims that students waste class time by standing in the courtyards between classes to visit friends. Aren't teachers talking on the phone wasting class time? I refuse to be cut off from the outside world while at school. It seems that everything is a reason for suspension at school nowadays.

From cellphones to hooded jackets to hair colors, administrators find ways to entertain themselves, or so it seems, by picking out students from the student body and finding something wrong with them. I was suspended for two days, plus a day in ISI (In-School Isolation) when I bleached the black half of my hair blonde. Is it just me, or are the school regulations out of hand? African American students (girls in particular) are allowed to dye their hair most "crazy colors" (such as red or maroon) that aren't allowed in hair, as defined in the school's handbook and dress code. "Prohibited items include bandannas, hair rollers, extremes in hair styles, psychedelic hair colors, lines, letters, or designs shaved in the head." If boys (or girls) aren't allowed to have psychedelic hair colors, then why are so many people, with the exception of me, getting away with it?

Worried parent

I think its retarted! Because some students have to walk to school and they cant contact the police if someone tries to hurt them. At some schools the electricity went out and the students coulnd not contact anyone.


My daughter goes to a school in Texas. All they do is you can have a phone in your locker. If you are seen using it DURING school, it is taken away & you have to pay $15 to get it back. It seems to work well.


My daughter goes to a school in Texas. All they do is you can have a phone in your locker. If you are seen using it DURING school, it is taken away & you have to pay $15 to get it back. It seems to work well.


I strongly disagree with children under 13 years of age owning a cell phone. theres to much at risk,like radio wave radiation to your brain. the radiation waves inside the phone could lead to psychistric behavioral promblems or impair learning ability. I found all this information out from the convergence weekly-William Thomas. Theres so much more we could learn about by researching about this subject...


Ander, when there is a ban on parents smoking in the house with kids, then we can address whether the extremely low levels of RF energy emitted from a modern digital phone has any effect at all on psychiatric behavioral problems or impaired learning.

This is 2007. We should all be aware that radiated RF energy is completely different from radiation (that term is usually used when referring to radioactive energy). FK White is located right next to a power substation. There are years of studies showing negative effects of close proximity to such stations.

There are too many double standards in schools. I have to buy school uniforms for my children, but some of their teachers wear jeans and t-shirts, sometimes sweatshirts!

I don't think students should have their cell phones in class all of the time, but my children carry their cell phones everywhere they go outside of our house.

A poster above that claimed to be a teacher said that the world is not more dangerous now than it was when they were growing up, and then had the audacity to say we need to learn history! I pray this is not a history teacher.

The problem in schools is total lack of control, which can be mostly blamed on the parents. But teachers and administrators have to take responsibility as well. I have seen students talking to administrators like they were dogs. I have seen students put into the office area for fights and then left alone (then they continued fighting). I have seen students rifling through staff mailboxes in the office while waiting to be reprimanded for something else, and when caught they are told to stop... then left alone AGAIN to do the same thing.

Last week I saw a mother and her son walking into the parking lot. Another student ran up behind them and punched the son in the back of the head. The aggressor ran off and there were no teachers around to see what happened.

Total lack of control. Do my children bring their cell phones to school? No. It is against the rules, but the "bad" kids (dealing drugs, taking inappropriate photos, etc.) still have their phones everyday. What does this teach the kids that are following the rules, do whatever you want, just don't get caught.


As a student, I think that Cell Phones should not be banned from schools. If there is such a huge problem with students and their cell phones, what about the teachers. I have been in many classes where a teachers cell phone would go off and the teacher would take the time to answer it. For a student who attends a privite school this can be a huge problem because we are paying to be taught. Cell phone also help in the communication between students and their parents. Not every student abuses the privalige of a cell phone and if there is a problem it should be up to the parents to deal with NOT the schools.

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