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You know Marty, I would like to see "some" kind of asertive, heck, even aggressive action taken by our mayor on this "downtown development" issue, but, it looks to me that we may have to just wait on what the next mayoral candidates have to promise us as to what THEY will do. I am 41 years old. Born and raised right here in SW La., and the best that I can recall about "downtown", is when Mayor Sudduth had spear-headed the renovation back in the early '70's. At least as kids, we were always excited to go play downtown (with the raised brick curbs, clock tower,play-ground equipment, fountains, etc.). I would like to see perhaps a city-wide "contest" that could involve us citizens and our ideas. Maybe that'll be a start,... again. Meanwhile, I feel that some enterprising individual is going to come along and name their business "Downtown Development"!! The name is already a household buzz word in our area! Think of the T-shirts, mugs, tv advertising, etc. etc. for this potential business!!


Hey Marty:
I was born in Lake Charles but being from a military family, I've lived all over the world. In my career, I've worked all over the world as well and seen lots of downtown business layouts. Locally, I remember when Jim Sudduth stopped downtown traffic by erecting a "park" in the middle of Ryan Street. I was opposed to it then and I'm still opposed to anything which impedes traffic in any business area. Today's shopper wants to drive to their shopping area or at least get close to an air-conditioned mall entry. They simply won't park and walk down a city street to get to a store. Towards that end, I think the best thing Lake Charles could do is to bulldoze 80% of the downtown buildings and let the affected property owners determine where stores and parking should be. The free enterprise system works well when given a chance. These old "historical" buildings and houses are of interest only to a select few and attempts to salvage or resurrect them is a futile waste of time and money. We will NEVER resurrect downtown Lake Charles as long as the existing infrastructure remains intact. Times have changed and Lake Charles needs to change with them. As I recall, the last "resurrection plan" for the downtown area included putting a canal through part of it. Thet's a perfectly stupid idea and will serve only to make access to downtown shops even more difficult. NOBODY is going to be lured off the interstate to walk alongside a concrete ditch. I say demolish most of the old buildings, lay out a sensible two-way traffic pattern (widen streets as necessary) and let free enterprise run it's course.

Braylin Jenkins Future Developer/Entrepreneur

I am 16 years old. I have not heard as much of the word or seen as many of the plans as you have. I am interested in downtown and I've learned quite a bit of real estate development over the past two years. If you are sick of the two words, DO SOMTHING. On MAY 5, 2007 VOTE YES. The city will not lose anything. No land is for sale. This will be voted in the city charter on May 5. The only way it can be changed is by anotherh vote. Help me by passing the word. Please. This affects the future generations. Do you want us to be sick of the two words like you are? There will still be lots of recreational space available for families. Thank you.

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