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Kae Sutherland

Just wanted to say that I was so glad when Laila came back to Lake Charles, although hated she had to go through Hurricane Rita.
If and when she does get married, I just hope her significant other is from Lake Charles, and she decides to make us her permenant home.


Ditto the remarks about Leila. When she came, temporarily it seemed, after Katrina displaced her, I was delighted..NOLA's loss, our gain.

We all hated losing Shelly, but Leila made the transition easier, and I hoped she would stay. She is a great fit for Sunrise and John Bridges, our homegrown, favorite newscaster.

News anchors sometimes find a niche where they are content and their talent is appreciated and rewarded. SWLA viewers are lucky and happy that John has elected to stay close to home.

Everyone should introduce Leila to Lake Charles eligible bachelors. If she should marry here, then perhaps she would also decide to make Lake Charles her permanent home and forget about "bright lights and big cities."


Laila I am a stay at home mother, but yet I still have been waking up every morning (even though I could sleep in ) to watch sunrise with John Briggs and you yall are one of the best and most entertaining anchors on KPLC .

Girl do not rush to get married take your time and find the right one. I have been engaged for 5 years, only because we want a nice wedding and had to use the money we had been saving for it to repair our home from RITA. Well good luck with all the wedding invitations!


Will you marry me?

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