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Dave Weinfurtner

Thank you for your editorial on your dad.
It has been 18 years since my dad went home and I still miss him. Both he and Ma were too young to die (he was 69 and Ma was 59). Although my dad and I did not always get along, I still respected him.
Theresa, I think that is one thing that is lacking nowadays: respect for authority. If we disobeyed, we got it.
The one thing I will always remember about DAd was that we went to American Legion baseball games together (and especially after Ma died. We bonded then and I really found out that it could be fun to be with Dad. Dad always loved to talk about baseball and especially about the local Legion team. He talked about this great pitcher that they had or that great hitting outfielder. He even coached that team for 2 or 3 years.
Yes I have only good memories of my dad too.


Theresa, thanks for the post. I know that my own mom and dad are in their last years and so is my father-in-law. I love them all dearly but as with most people we forget to tell them that we care. It seems that our own lives are so 'booked' nowdays that we don't or won't make time for the things that really count. Thanks for reminding me to again say "I love you" before the time comes that I can't.




Without a doubt, I'm blessed that my dad -- and mom -- are still with me, both in fine health -- Praise God! My dad worked hard delivering the mail for many years, through rain, some sleet and maybe even a little snow, but down here it was more like rain, heat, humidity, mosquitoes -- and mostly sweat!

He taught me the value of hard work, as well as the way of salvation. He didn't expect me to be a banner roll student, he just wanted me to try my best.

Theresa, I wish your dad, my dad, and all the dads who read this, a Happy Father's Day. God Bless you all.


Great article Theresa. It is true of most of us but we do not share it as we should.

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