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Very well put. It is also our prayer that GOD and biblical principles can once again be a major part of school and our country. We are a CHRISTIAN nation and need to stand up and be counted. All this political correctness in not trying to offend other religions will be our downfall.


Yes Joe it is very well put.. From the heart and from the home, Not the School... We are a nation of mostly Christians, not a Christian nation our forefathers made that clear with the guaranteed FREEDOM OF RELIGION.. Our schools teach the three R's, Readin, Ritin, and Rithmatic.. There is no forth R for religion.. If the Catholics and Protestants are killing each other in Ireland over who's a better Christian I sure as hell don't want that pressure on the kids.. I also wouldn't want the kids to have to pass through a bunch of tambourine playing Hare Krishna's.. Or stop class to face Mecca, or maybe a pentagram or two drawn on the floor... We are a nation free to practice any religion we choose, but it's our choice not the homeroom teachers.. Religion and prayer belongs from the heart, from the home and from the Church.. Not the schools.. Peace Pete

Stacy's mom

Awesome poem. Thanks for sharing!


Theresa, thank you for sharing your faith in a business(the liberal media) that frowns,distorts,villifies,and attacks people and religions of faith in CHRIST- (yes, I said the "C" word).Too many times the media (nationally and locally) have distorted and twisted the Christian mission to their own political,social,and amoral ends to serve a distinct purpose: To destroy faith in a higher power. You always hear reports in the news about the negatives in Churches and their members,i.e.; a Catholic Priest in trouble for being a pedophile,a homosexual clergyman to be ordained to be a bishop, women pushing the Pope to become priests,when many of them only want to take care of their own feminist agendas. The list goes on and on. Rarely do you hear reports of the positive things Christians do in this country,world,and if it is reported,it is with a biased and slanted view against said faith. Jesus Christ said "the truth shall set you free". We should NEVER be afraid to speak the truth and defend our Christian faith. I applaud you, Theresa Schmidt. May God bless you and keep you always.

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