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As expensive as cable is you might think we would be able to see this game on a local channel. The bureaucrats once again are looking after the wrong peoples interests. What a shame.


This stinks.. I have been a loyal fan of the Saints way back when fans use to put bags over their heads and still I supported them.. I am not a rich woman.. but a single working mother who can't afford to pay to watch each and every game on a station that you have to pay for.. this is a big rival game that is with a team close to us.. why can't they put this game on free local tv so that everyone who are die hard Saints fans have an equal chance to watch the game.. again I say this stinks....




How do you ruin the plans of the NFL to try and make all their products more expensive. Simple boycott the NFL and it will get cheaper. Start watching McNeese and support the local team. It's cheaper and more satisfying than watching a bunch of overpaid athletes. NO athlete or coach deserves millions of dollars for playing a sport.


The only reason this is a "Hot Topic" on KPLC is because they know that the NFL Network is carried by the Satellite providers. Since KPLC has a long-running feud with them (especially DirecTV), they feature this as one of their headline stories. KPLC has a conflict of interest because of their partnership with Suddenlink. This is an easy cheapshot at DirecTV. The constant local channel issue with Satellite providers is the real reason why this has been the "Hot Topic" this week.

I do not know who is really at fault here with the local channel problem, everybody is pointing fingers at the other. In the end, the customer loses. The same goes for this constant war between satellite, cable providers and the NFL for the NFL Network. Shame on all of you!

Gloria Johnson

Those who have computers can view the Saints game on Saturday on your computer but you have to pay to view. Their are several web sites you can use. Just Google view NFL games and it will give you several sites that you can view the game but it is not free.

Jim Serra

Administrator's Note: The only "partnership" KPLC has with Suddenlink or any other cable company is a retransmission agreement. Retransmission agreements have also been in place between KPLC and both DirecTV and DISH for over three years.

Bill Gates

the streaming video is terrible. it is jerky and always about two or three plays behind if you can get it at all.


Justin.tv always carries the games.


L'Auberge has you covered Saints fans. You can watch the big game on 13+ TV's in Jack Daniel's Bar & Grill and enjoy a great burger and beer at the same time.

We're expecting a huge crowd of local's cheering on the champions -- and we don't charge a penny to watch the game.



Do not agree AT ALL. This is despicable. By this I mean someone inventing yet another thing they think they are entitled to - "free" - just because they want it.

Go to the game in the Super Dome. Subscribe to NFL network on satellite. Go to a business or restaurant that has the game. Every single person who wants to see it can watch.


With all due respect to Jim and KPLC, your attacks on the NFL Network and Satellite TV are getting old!

I do wish that KPLC will soon be available on Satellite as i'm sure that is the root of where your anger begins, but at the same time most directv receiver's have an integrated OTA tuner to easily pickup most local channels especially strong signals like kplc, so that is a solution that some people tend to not educate themselves about.

I've had Directv for 13 years and never have had a complaint... Any true sports fans in particular saints fan, who is able to pay for cable in the past is and likely has switched over to Directv or at least Dish network for obvious reasons.. The one's that haven't likely don't care about the saints enough when they aren't doing as well as they are at this time..

Remember, several years ago, when you couldn't even watch the Saints OTA locally, because KVHP would show the Cowboys when their games conflicted? Many people realized at that time, it was time to switch to Satellte or aim an antenna to KADN's tower for the saints.. Where was the local support then?

It's not that i don't support Local tv, however the world is changing and you get what you pay for and the 4 major networks have been outbid by other networks now for what is a major product.. I didn't hear those without cable complaining when the saints were on Monday Night Football on ESPN twice this year...Only when it's the cheapskate cable companies do we here the whining.. After hurricane rita, once the power came on, people still didn't have cable for weeks, but if you had satellite you had it as soon as power was on..

Whatever the exact monetary disagreement is between suddenlink and the NFL Network is probably minor, but suddenlink like many cable companies don't want to pony up for what is an extremely popular channel and the most popular sport in the u.s.

Regardless of the reason, i don't understand why the local OTA channel seems to want to take up the cause so desperately when at least 30% of Lake Area residents have Satellite TV.. I'm sure the number is much higher if you include more rural areas.


Suddenlink has an inability to make deals because they are a lower tier cable company. Cox has NFL Network and everything else a fan would want including countless HD Channels. Since we are a small market we will have to wait on Suddenlink to step their game up or we can just switch to satellite. ATT is our only other option in the future and I welcome U-Verse as we will have a big market provider back in the Lake Area.


I have tried to contact the nflnetwork to express my views of their greed and let them know if it comes to having to buy the nflnetwork i would no longer be watching football. However i could not find a contact button. How can we contact them ?


i knew one day that my dish would come in handy i dont understand most of these people anyway most of them i bet dont even watch the saints if they are not winning games like this year


The NFL is a business. It's not a non-profit. Since when is football a right? The only reason Jim Serra is complaining is because he won't be able to sell advertising space during the game. SWLA, don't let the blow hard fool ya. It's not about your interest, he wants money just like the NFL does. Seriously Jim, use your position as god of a tiny station to promote good will and stop attacking things like big business and the parish government. If you aren't happy with your life, get a new one, but STOP interupting the best part of KPLC. Jon and Britney do a good enough job without you

Public trough

Sounds like a white building guy. No wonder he has plenty of money to pay for football.

Bill S.

I agree Jim. Its rediculous its not being shown here especially after all the tax money weve already paid to the Saints to keep them at the Superdome.


Not a white building guy. Just a guy that has an education and a job. That's the way America works..well, until the current administration. Maybe someone should talk to obama about adding the NFL network to the healthcare plan.


Monetary disagreement between Suddenlink and the NFL network??

Has Suddenlink looked at how much they receive from me each month!?! I am sure they can afford it.

I am not a football fan, but this still shows how we need an optional cable company to compete in LC.

wayne dawsey

How many more millions do they (NFL) need. The players cann't handle the amounts paid to them now. The game should be broadcast over a normal network. I'm sure the networks would pay hugh amounts to be able to show this special game.


I called Dish Network earlier & they will be over tomorrow to set up. So, I dropped Suddenlink, which has became increasingly expensive for the channels I frequently watch. Dish Network is previewing the NFL channel for FREE until Dec. 25th and is cheaper than Direct TV! I know I have made the comparison! As far as local channels I have a HDTV and will just add an antenna to catch them. It can be hidden inconspicuously. And last I have noticed some racist comments and also inappropriate remarks and just wanted to say this is not called for. We are all adults and ignorance is very ugly. I hope this comment will help someone!


Rica...what racist remarks? Are you referring to the "white building guy" stuff? That is a reference to the city purchasing a WHITE building on the lakefront with taxpayer money and no taxpayer consent...

william ancelet

concerned taxpayer: these days and times with people out of work and jobs and work is slow, the taxpayers pay for the stadiums to be built. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. WHY,WHY,WHY???


I heard that New Look Furniture is suppose to be setting up an enormous big screen for the public to go and watch the Saints game in their parking lot. I think that's an awesome way to bring some fans and the community together.

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