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just wandering

Today, at a Calcasieu Parish School, I noticed 3 cpsb maintenance trucks plus a bucket truck in the parking lot changing a light bulb in a securty light. So my question to the school board is how many trucks and how many cpsb maintenance people does it take to change a light bulb in a securty light. The answer must be 4 trucks and 7 maintenance people imagine that come on cpsb let get a grip on this to while your trying to balance the budget. That was gasoline for 4 trucks and wages for 7 people to change a light bulb. That probably cost the cpsb about $300. to change a light bulb so lets get real if you are trying to balance the budget it should have only taken 2 people and 1 bucket truck. Is this not true, if not please tell me why it took so many trucks and workers.

A Concerned Teacher

I am so glad the media is not taking sides. How we love the lunch ladies, however many lunches are already being shipped in from other parts of the U.S. that is costing a lot of many. Many times the lunches sent in just have to be heated, students only get a small portion, plus many left over food goes unaccounted for. I think that the school board is trying to make the best situation for everyone, especially the students. Budget cuts will have to happen regardless, but do we want less teachers and larger classrooms? Teachers would be burned out and teachers would have less time trying to meet individual differences.
I think that this type of situation really needs to be laid out in order to see how much money would actually be saved and how this enormous change would impact our dwindling budget.

Chris N.

I don't understand why it is that it is just Calcasieu Parish Schools that is having a problem with the budget. Maybe Calcasieu needs to check with other parishes to see how they handle their budget. I myself have eaten Hungry Man dinners before, and understand why the named them Hungry Man. After finishing it, I was still hungry. It also is not something that I would enjoy eating every day. If more money is needed for the budget, why don't we stop sending money to other states, and overseas. When 9-11 occurred, who sent us money to rebuild? When we have hurricanes, who sends money? If we would have invested the 1 billion Dollars sent to hatie, we would not have this concern. Also, Why do we need so many Assistant Principles at our schools. Let the Principle do his job, and cut out the assistants, or cut the Principle, and use one Assistant. Maybe everyone needs to just home school their children, and we can cut all educators out of the picture, including the High Paid CPSB members. I also would like to know why the dancers, or cheerleaders need a building to practice in, when they have the football fields, gyms, and other places to practice? Why can't that money being used for this kind of junk, be used for lunches, and cafeteria workers? I believe there are other resources that we could use to adjust for this.


I certainly understand budget cuts in days of "tightening the belts". However, to start with the kids is the wrong thing to do. For years there has been a general rumor that the School Board is heavy at the top in various ways. I wish they would find ways to tighten their budgets there before going to Pre made meals. For a lot of children, this may be the only real meal they get during the day and to serve "tv dinners" to them is the same that they may get at home. Kids need a hot, cafeteria style meal....not a quick fix to get thru the day. Don't punish the kids with instant meals, but look internally before you get to this point. I feel the kids are going to be the ones to suffer in the end.

And why send our money to another state anyway. Makes no sense, just a quick fix without looking at the real problems. This should be a last alternative in my opinion. Don't punish the kids..........

Sidney L.

you say there will be cut backs why cant there be cut back in some of the goverment and congress we here about people all around us having to take a cut in pay but congress and our gov. is only geting pay raises or they shoud have to pay for there on med. just like we do. i am shore they could make cuts there that would help the schools a lot. the goverement and congress are not above us they are put there by us to help us. it is time they are treated as people an just like us cuts can be made in other places other than our schools

C. Hubbs

I am not tave lunch sides on the issue. My only concern is if the CPSB decide to have food services bus in how will the company and the school board manage the food services for child on special diets or require modifications in the diets such food allergies. Also how will CPSB ( be the guarntee) comply with the requirements for Special Programs such as Head Start Program.


My solution for this is, Why not have a farm to grow fruit & veges and use it to teach the ag and horticultural classes for the students. I am thinking of a state of the art greenhouse supplied by solar power and using hydroponics growing year round organic veges and also grow outdoors seasonly. Have a wharehouse to process the food by canning (in recyclable jars of course) and freezing to send out to the parish schools and only purchasing the necessary items. All schools should at least have apple trees planted around the boundries. What a wonderful way to welcome the kids back to school in the fall with apple pie made from the trees they helped harvest the apples from! There are so many hands on teaching possibilities here with the science of the solar power to the biology of the plants. There would also be a need to hire some folks and I know there are many seniors that would love to show off their gardening skills along with teaching the younger folks how to grow your own food. I would be first in line for a job there! I remember when I was younger, everyone I knew had a vegetable garden and fruit trees and now you ride by peoples houses and all you see are those upside down green bags with a shrivled up brown fruitless stalk hanging from the bottom of it! To me knowing how to grow a garden is just as important as teaching someone to fish and hunt because from the looks of it, we are going to need to know how to do this to survive. And why not a catfish farm also for all of our upcoming marine biologists too!
Thank you for your ear,

Terry Gaudet

For many years the school board have given 1 million dollars to the lunch problem when they fell short. This occurred years after year. No one wanted to grab the bull by the horn. Now the problem has come back. I feel like there are four things that can be done. (1) Have a hiring freeze on works, (2) have lunchrooms throughout the parish to serve 2-3 different schools, (3) have a department head that can work within a budget and (4) if the problem is not fixed vote your board member out of office. It is time that members of the board are here for the children not for their political agenda.

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