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Are students ready for testing? They should be, that is what is taught all year.

Schools should spend the first week of every school year testing students that consistently ace these tests. If they pass the test at the beginning of the year, they should be put into classes or even another school that teaches content beyond the GLE's. Maybe they could spend the year in classes that they are interested in, or to get credit for the next grade level.

If students in certain grades fail the test, they cannot move to the next grade. What happens if the student aces the test but is failing the regular classes? Do they move on to the next grade?

It just seems like the goal is mediocrity, which leaves advanced students bored and not learning at a time in their life when learning comes naturally.

Angela Wilson

My daughter did not pass the math portion of the leap test but yet she passed the english portion. Her grades through out the school year were great. She gets nervous when it comes to taking a test like that, not only that the test was given in March 2007 and her grandmother had passed away in March so she had a lot on her mind. I feel that she should be promoted to the next grade anyway based on her grades alone. However my step daughter cheated on the test with a teacher's help, and she passed the test. I feel that the teacher should lose her job and that she should have to repeat the same grade over again. Her grades are not as good as my daughter's grades. What do you think? I'm thinking about going to the school and letting them know that my step daughter cheated on the test with a teacher's help.

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