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Rodney Stevens

No, we should not vote for it.

I disagree with this property tax renewal. And, if we do not tell these public officials this by voting against it this week, it may never end. I also disagree that we should be voting now for a tax extension when the current one does not expire for another 4 years. Our elected officials have gone a little nuts and we need to reel them in.
Besides Chenault asking for $7.6million/year from property owners, the state is planning on giving them $3.5millon dollars additionally per the Press’ front page story of 3/21/12. My question to the board is; When do tax payers stop giving our money to private industry? When do our elected officials become good stewards of our taxes? Hasn’t Chennault obtained enough business to be self-sufficient and not continue to need our tax money? If not now, then when? Shouldn’t there come a time when they should be able to stand on their own without tax payer help. If that answer is no, then is this what we should be paying taxes for, to support private industry indefinitely?
I was surprised to find out that when we vote to give Chennault tax money it isn’t just for Chennault alone. In fact Chennault is giving our tax money away to other groups for which we have no say. For example, $200,000 annually goes to Sulphur Southland Field and $100,000 annually goes to Dequincy’s small airstrip. As I understand it from the Sulphur Mayors presentation, the Southland Field is a private business and has only 4 employees. Where else does Chennault give away my taxes? Shouldn’t we have a direct say into how they use our taxes?

Michael Guidry

Im in full agreement with the hot button that the tax is a worthy way to keep improving Chennault and continue bringing jobs to our parish. I wish all taxes paid off like this.

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